Jiffy – Mobiles Handkurbel Ladegerät

Jiffy – Mobiles Handkurbel Ladegerät –  Das weltweit kleinste manuelle Ladegerät. Laden Sie das Gerät überall, ohne Steckdose. Ideal für den Notfall.

Konstant alle seine mobilen Geräte unterwegs mit Strom versorgt ist nicht einfach. Dies kann sich mit dem neuen tragbaren Handkurbel Ladegerät ändern, welches von Valentin Nicula entwickelt wurde. Im Gegensatz zu herkömmlichen Batterie-Packs (Power Bank) erfordert Jiffy keine Vorbereitung oder Ladung und ist immer bereit, ein Smartphone oder Tablet zu laden wenn einem Batterie des Geräts ausgeht.

THE IDEAL SITUATION- to maintain a last call, an emergency call when you are in a critical situation, to send a last text, or study a map with GPS in case you get lost and can’t find sources to charge your device nearby.
TOTAL ENERGY INDEPENDENCE- charge devices and gadgets at any time, any place and without taking in to consideration the weather, or temperature outside.

Das kleine und stylische Gerät behauptet in der Lage sein, bis zu 2200mA zu liefern und nach den Kickstarter Kampagnenplänen soll es bis Ende August  2016 verfügbar sein. Hier ist das Video der Kickstarter-Kampagne in dem gezeigt wird wie das Jiffy Handkurbel Ladegerät in einer Notsituation den Tag retten kann.


Jiffy represents a USB charger that mechanically produces electricity without eliminating toxic substances into the atmosphere. Electricity production is carried out by a three phase asynchronous micro generator with very high productivity, which is driven by a complex mechanical watch. With a simple movement the mechanism is charged with kinetic energy which is transmitted to the micro generators. The charging module is 5V USB that charges all the devices that support the standard USB. The intensity of electric current is up to 2200mA and using the new technology “Quick Charge 2.0” will assure your device a very quick charge.For the people that are less technical, Jiffy with the 2200mA can simultaneously charge 6 smart phones with 4” screens that are navigating the internet through Wi-Fi, or 4 smart phones that are navigating the internet through 3G. Technical info about the prototype: Behind the micro generator is mounted a controller that has the function of continuously recovering the current and 5V voltage stabilization. Also an electrolytic capacitor which has the function of a micro accumulator is connected in the scheme to remove the current fluctuations produced by mechanical processes under the influence of kinetic energy.

Source: Kickstarter

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