Cold Steel Canadian Belt Knife

The Cold Steel Canadian Belt Knife takes inspiration from the D.H Russell Belt Knife or the Canadian Belt Knife; however, its official designation is now the Grohmann #1, which has been in production since 1957.  It has many of the features that made the original an award-winning, international favorite. I bought this knife because I liked the design and I couldn’t be happier. The Cold Steel Canadian Belt Knife has a blade length of  4″ (~10cm) and an overall length of 8 1/2″ (~21cm). The blade consists of German 4116 Stainless steel and is hollow ground. The handle is 4 1/2″ (~11cm) and made from high impact Polypropylene. The knife weighs about 2.2 oz (60g) and comes with a Cor-Ex™ sheath. For many this knife may look odd, but just wait till you pick it up! The knife came well sharpen like any cold steel product i had so far. The handle design feels very comfortable in any position. The sheath looks ok but isn’t  that great but at this price point what does one expect. I bought mine via Amazon for about $12 and for this money the knife is a real steal.




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The Cold Steel product page states:

The Cold Steel Canadian Belt Knife takes inspiration from a 1950’s classic. It has all the features that made the original an award-winning, international favorite. Our more contemporary version is made out of German 4116 Stainless steel and hollow ground to a razor edge. It will glide through just about any material because its elliptical profile is very efficient at reducing cutting drag.

The Polypropylene handle is equally efficient, fitting snugly in virtually any hand. It’s slightly offset in relation to the blade to keep one’s fingers safely out of the way. Light and tough enough to endure hard knocks, it will never break or fall apart in the way a traditional wood handle is prone to do.

This 2-ounce blade comes complete with a pouch style black Cor-Ex™ sheath. It’s light, slim and compact enough to carry on your belt or slung from a cord around your neck day in and day out.


Blade Length: 4″
Overall Length:8 1/2″
Steel: German 4116 Stainless
Weight:2.2 oz
Blade Thickness: 2.5 mm
Handle:4 1/2″ Long High Impact Polypropylene
Sheath:Cor-Ex™ Sheath



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